Catalog of Enterprise Systems

Senate Bill 272 Compliance- Catalog of Enterprise Systems
Approved by California Governor Jerry Brown on October 11, 2015, Senate Bill 272 adds a section to the California Public Records Act requiring state and most local government agencies to create a catalog of Enterprise Systems by July 1, 2016, with annual updates.

Enterprise System
An Enterprise System, as defined by Senate Bill 272, is a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges, and analyzes information an agency uses that is both of the following:

• A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public 
• A system that serves as a 'system of record' or an original source of data within an agency  

Enterprise System Catalog Requirements:
1. Create a catalog of enterprise systems containing:

• Current system vendor 
• Current system product 
• System's purpose 
• Description of categories or types of data 
• Department that is the prime custodian of the data 
• Frequency that system data is collected 
• Frequency that system data is updated  

2. To make the catalog publicly available upon request

3. Post the catalog in a prominent location on the agency's website

                                                               ENTERPRISE SYSTEM CATALOG

 Vendor  Product  Description
of Data
Tyler Technology
 Incode  Accts Payable/General
 Finance  Daily Daily
Tyler Technology 8
 Planning Daily Daily
Muni Services
 Collect and issue business licenses and fees
 FInance Daily Daily
ECS Imaging Laserfiche Property and admin files in retrieval database
 City Clerk
 Civic Plus
Aurora Notices, meeting dates, meeting minutes
 City Manager, Library
 Daily Daily

 Microsoft Windows
 MS office files, Adobe Acrobat,
 Microsoft Office Office file types that are not stored within the application
All departments
Daily Daily
Outlook Send and receive electronic communication
 All departments
 Daily Daily
County of Marin
Marin Map
County database
containing real property information
Planning/Public Works
 Rec Desk
Rec Desk
Takes point of sale payments
Recreation Dept.
 Mail Chimp
Mail Chimp
List of class registrants for Recreation Dept mailings
Recreation Daily
 Mail Chimp Mail Chimp Newsletters Admin As needed As needed 
Fire Package
Incident info. inventory
Fire inspection program including Business, Residential, Hazard Abatement, WUI
Fire Chief
Battalion Chief
Daily Daily
Google G-suite Application suite (Docs, Sheets, Email, Drives) Fire Chief
Battalion Chief 
Daily Daily 
ESRI ArcGIS ArcGIS for Desktop consists of several geospatial processing programs, including ArcMap and ArcCatalog, that incorporate creating, editing, and analyzing geospatial data. Public Works/Fire As needed As needed 
 Envisionware PC Reservation
 Tracks number of minutes used on internet station
Library Daily Daily
Innovative Interfaces
Sierra  Users name and library card number
Library Daily Daily
 Booksite Book Sizzle
Subscriber names and email addresses
Weekly Updated by subscriber
AutoDesk AutoCad Data stored in file format Public Works As needed As needed
 ESRI ArcPad  Data stored in files for transfer to GPS
Public Works
As needed
As needed